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Amiga 8 Color Workbench 1.3 Icons - Written Guide and Collection

8 Color Icons Amiga Workbench 1.3 Guide
(Can be used in WB 2+)
*My video guide for 8 Color Workbench 1.3 Icons
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"Old Blue". My affectionate pet name for the original color choices from Amiga Workbench up to the official version 1.3 (as well as early builds of the unreleased 1.4). Having grown up with an Amiga 500 using Kickstart/Workbench 1.2, I've always felt quite at home with its simple but effective four color Workbench look. Blue was the first color, labeled as such from the computer's perspective, but more importantly adhering to your mind as the color you'll see the most, the background color. Rounding out the four color classic look was white, black, and orange. Some claim disdain for the look, though it was carefully chosen as a setup that could look good on both a computer monitor as well as a t…

Sword Of Sodan - In-depth Written Amiga Review With Pics

Sword Of Sodan  Amiga, 1988 Discovery Software $49.95
*My video review for Sword Of Sodan
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I can still feel the pocket of loose quarters as my hand blindly reaches in, feeling up arcade's iconic currency. I can hear the coins insertion, falling to a hidden bin to await future collection. The heart begins to pound as you fumble around, a timer ticks itself down. Relief comes in a sigh as you push in that red button, registering to the machine your desire to press onward. How far will this continue take you?

'Twas an all too common experience for those of us venturing to our local arcade. Sometimes I was so confident in the need for a continue I'd stack a few sets of quarters on the machine for quick access. Certainly I had forfeited enough games in my lifetime due to the stumbling of hands reaching through the pants pocket void. It was an inevitability that you'd do best t…

Sid Meier's Civilization - In-depth Written Amiga Review With Pics

Sid Meier's Civilization Amiga, 1992 (Original DOS 1991) Microprose $69.95
*My video review for Civilization
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*Game best played/seen in NTSC mode with 4:3 aspect ratio

Just one more turn. No greater lie was ever told to oneself in the throes of a late night strategy gaming session. The clock hits midnight and before you know it the sun creeps its rays through the blinds, necessitating an immediate kick to your own rear. Forced to save the game and get on with your life, you'll nevertheless continue pondering the best moves to make upon your eventual return. Should you manage to obtain a smidgen of shut-eye, invasions of the dream world inevitably sneak their way underneath your bedtime covers.

Few computer titles were as addictive prior to Civilization, and those which have done it best since have often been the subsequent releases in this same series. The premise was simple; Take a primitive civilization encompassing …

CastleVania - In-depth Written NES Review With Pics

CastleVania  Nintendo Entertainment System 1987 (Famicom DS 1986) Konami
*My video review for Castlevania
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Stage curtain up is how Super Mario Bros. 3 introduces itself to gamers upon pressing the power button on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Levels on the map overscreen seem to resemble a directors slate, and it all culminates with the stage curtain falling. According to some game theorists, the third installment of Mario Bros. is nothing more than a stage play within itself. The second game famously ended with Mario waking up from a dream, almost invalidating your time spent winning. In that case it was expressly spelled out to the victor, in Mario 3 it's left to us nerds to waste time with the magnifying glass.

One obvious game theory that I've yet to personally see discussed involves the long running CastleVania series, which has spawned over thirty titles since its inception…