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The Three Stooges - In-depth Amiga Review With Pics

The Three Stooges Amiga, 1987 Cinemaware, $39.95 *My video review for The Three Stooges *Thanks to Intric8 of AmigaLove for pics of the games manual *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Game best played in NTSC mode with a 4:3 aspect ratio When I decided to cover The Three Stooges on the Amiga, I wondered if it might be best to simply hit record, play the game, and talk as it came to me. I could see humor in doing it all live versus more of an in-depth coverage where heavy research goes into it all and I take pains to defeat the game. I think I could have made that funny, but there's enough funny when it comes to people showing off this game. I quickly decided that the Stooges would be funny enough on their own, and to properly respect them would be to play the straight man. There was nearly 50 years of the Stooges, almost two hundred short films as well as movies and cartoons. It's a rich history deserving of equally rich cov