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DuckTales - In-depth NES Written Review with Pics

DuckTales Capcom/Disney 1989  Nintendo Entertainment System *My video review for DuckTales *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Full soundtrack recorded from my NES *Friend Gaming Jay's 1st look Certain games can get stuck in your head in a similar way to a song. You see the game, maybe only a tiny portion of it, but you know almost instantaneously that you're not getting it out of your head for the next week. If you add into that game a number of songs that also inscribe themselves into your mind, and you'll have a game you'll both be thinking of playing as well as humming the songs of at all manor of inappropriate times. The blame for getting me to think about this game often enough that only reviewing it might help ease my troubled retro gaming mind, was a Gaming Jay  video  where he was trying it out for the first time. DuckTales had that effect on me back in the day as well. Seeing the show might get that theme s

Amiga 500 A501 RAM Board Battery Replacement - Unnecessary Surgery Guide

Amiga 500 A501 RAM Board Battery Replacement Unnecessary Surgery Guide *My Unnecessary Surgery guide video *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Helped along by this Jan Beta video These past ten years my Amiga has been (blissfully?) unaware of the true date and time. As far as that Spanish girl was concerned, it has been 1991 this entire time. The longest year ever has recently come to an end, and I've brought her back into the 21st century. Ten years prior, when getting back into real Amiga hardware, one of the first things I learned when looking online was the essential need for one to get out their stored Amiga's, take it apart, and throw the battery out of it. While some Amiga's did not come out of the factory with a real time clock (RTC), the ones that lacked this all had an option to add one, either from 3rd party sources or directly from Commodore. For the top selling Amiga model, the 500, the official RTC offered from C