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CastleVania - In-depth Written NES Review With Pics

CastleVania  Nintendo Entertainment System 1987 (Famicom DS 1986) Konami *My video review for Castlevania *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Game shown on period hardware/CRT Stage curtain up is how Super Mario Bros. 3 introduces itself to gamers upon pressing the power button on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Levels on the map overscreen seem to resemble a directors slate, and it all culminates with the stage curtain falling. According to some game theorists, the third installment of Mario Bros. is nothing more than a stage play within itself. The second game famously ended with Mario waking up from a dream, almost invalidating your time spent winning. In that case it was expressly spelled out to the victor, in Mario 3 it's left to us nerds to waste time with the magnifying glass. One obvious game theory that I've yet to personally see discussed involves the long running CastleVania series, which has spawned over thirt