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Qix - In-depth written Amiga review with pics

  Qix Amiga, 1989 (Original Arcade 1981) Taito/Alien Technology Group $34.95 *My video review for Qix *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings It hurts so good; the pain of an arcade great, designed masochistically to suck those quarters straight out of your front pocket. So simple to get into, so hard to get far. Twitching your joystick as the night turns to dawn, you find yourself not much further than where you began. Still you press on, the thrill of the high-score beckoning you deeper into a nearly exhausted weekend. A game-over is but an opportunity to test your new strategy, to press what could only have been bad luck into good. You scream in anger  and wince with the pain of losing two lives quickly, but smooth sailing through the next several levels makes it all worthwhile. Pain is so close to pleasure.  Exquisitely painful, I'd argue Qix was the pinnacle of what arcade manufacturers wanted from a game, especially in 1981. It was unlike anything