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Fixing My Amiga's Gateway 2000 ACS410 Speakers

  Fixing My Amiga's Gateway 2000 ACS410 Speakers *My video "surgery" of the ACS410 speakers *Unnecessary Surgery Playlist *A portion of this review written on my Amiga500 using WordPerfect *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings Back in the day my Amiga was hooked up to a nice tuner/8-track/record player with Mitsubishi car speakers. I can remember sneaking down to the basement, turning on the Amiga, climbing up the computer desk so that I could reach the stereos power button... Only to put in a game like Hostage, which had loud noises as soon as it started, scaring me into turning off the machine, lest I got noticed. That thing got a lot out of life, but I believe I ended up dissecting it due to the right audio channel fading out. When I brought my Amiga back to life around 10 years ago, I ended up hooking it up to a Gateway 2000 speaker system, specifically the ACS410 speaker system. It came from my second PC from 1997,

Interstate '82 - Full In-depth Windows 98 Written Review With Pics

Interstate '82 Activision 1999, Windows 98 *My video review for Interstate '82 *My video review for Interstate '76 *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Game reviewed on period hardware running Win98 *Designed for and best seen in a 4:3 aspect ratio As a huge fan of the predecessor to this game, Interstate '76, I'm going to let everyone know from the start that I have some harsh words in store for the sequel you see before you. Interstate '82 was released on November 17th of 1999 to largely negative reviews. Jeff Green from Computer Gaming World started his scathing review by saying that Activision, "... in a flabbergasting display of bad decision making and timidity, has taken one of the best games of the decade, Interstate '76, stripped it of everything cool and unique, and left this... thing... behind, as a sequel". Computer Gaming World would give the title 2 out of 5 stars, with several maga