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Turrican 3 - Written Amiga Review With Pics

Turrican 3 - Payment Day Amiga, 1993, £25.99 Factor 5/Kaiko/Neon Studios My video review for Turrican 3 Full soundtrack recorded directly from my Amiga This review inspired by a MsMadLemon video *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *I was only able to run this game in PAL mode Largely when covering Amiga games, I enjoy focusing on the largely unheard North American perspective of things. It's not often you can say that perspective is unheard, but that is the case when it comes to this wonderful machine in the Amiga. I believe Europe, in its very heartfelt love for the Amiga, has often not given the different but very important American market much consideration. This even taints American's who cover the machine, who due to their age have really only heard the perspective of the similar aged Europeans. But the people who bought the Amiga in America back in the day were not children, they were adult computer hobbyists. Many fant

Three Generations Of The Game Of Life - Board Game Review

The Game Of Life Board Game from Milton Bradley Shown here; 1960, 1977, 2004 Simpsons My video review of the board Game of Life My video review of the Windows 98 Game of Life My written review of the Windows 98 Game of Life *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings I've always had fond memories of playing the Game of Life. As a kid I would occasionally be watched by my grandparents, and playing Life was often a staple of such visits. I can taste the Dominoes Pizza (pre-recipe change) just thinking about it. My Grandmother had the original version from 1960. My parents had a later version of Life from 1977, and I also have fond memories of playing that. I can feel the comfy bed that she would set the board on, there couldn't be a better way to play. There are a lot of instructions to read when playing Life, and it was nice to just lay back while my mom did the reading. ^Instructions I always knew that the version my parents ha

Thoughts On Recording Amiga Music

*Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings Long before I ever started making videos on YouTube , and in fact before YouTube even existed; I made music on my PC. It was my prime hobby before I started making videos. A couple years into making the videos I attempted my first written review , which was meant to compliment but be unique in comparison to my video reviews. I enjoyed writing that so much that I decided I'd continue to write separate articles as well as doing the videos. Couldn't tell you if any of those hobbies have been a success or not, but all amounted to immense enjoyment from my myself... and I hear on occasion, others as well. When I have a hobby, I do seem to go "all out" with it. With the music, I've made several albums, including one written fully on my beloved Amiga 500 . I couldn't just do one song, I had to make it an experience. The video reviews tend to be quite in depth; diving into memories, old reviews