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Links Golf - In-depth Written Review of the Amiga HAM Game

    Links: The Challenge of Golf Amiga, 1992 (Original DOS 1990) Access $59.95 *My video review for Links *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Game shown on its designed NTSC hardware, pics of 4:3 CRT screen From day one the Amiga was a computer known for her graphics. During the launch of the Amiga at the Lincoln Center in New York, Andy Warhol would famously offer his distinct style to a portrait of Debbie Harry. Apple had originally approached him to work with them for the Macintosh launch, but he had passed on that opportunity noting the unimpressive black and white display. When asked live on stage what computers he had worked with in the past, Andy responded that he hadn't worked on any, that he had"... waited for this one.", referring to the Amiga. The PC world in 1985 wasn't much better than the black and white Mac, some would argue worse. Featuring primarily CGA 4 color graphics from a palette of 16, chosen for their use in busi

Sonic Spinball - In-depth Sega Genesis Written Review With Pics

Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball Sega Genesis, 1993 Sega/Sega Technical Institute $49.99 *My video review for Sonic Spinball *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Game shown on actual hardware, pics of 4:3 CRT screen Some of my fondest memories of my father involve our near weekly trips to the movie theaters. He worked an odd schedule, often times being out of town several days straight before getting the next three or four off. His hours home were never what you would call consistent, though when he was there a virtual guarantee was a trip to the big screen. While the memories of various movies (some of which I probably shouldn't have been watching) are priceless, it could be said that what we did in the lead up to the previews starting was as much or perhaps more cherished. Nearly every theater we went to in the area had a small arcade section, there was even a theater in a mall which featured a full sized arcade. All of these arcades featured at least on