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Eye Of The Beholder - In-Depth Amiga Review With Pics

Eye of the Beholder Westwood Associates/Strategic Simulations Inc. Amiga, 1991 $49.95 *My video review of Eye of the Beholder *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Game designed for and best played in NTSC mode with 4:3 aspect ratio My father comes immediately to mind when mulling over this classic role playing title. Running down the basement stairs to the corner where our Amiga lied, I'd see him penciling marks on graph paper, as was the tradition for the role playing genre. It could be a long slog as a kid peering in on my dad, as he weaved his way through some of the most iconic games ever created. I'd often run off to entertain myself in the down time, but the second I heard a sound shout through the stereo he had connected our Amiga to, I'd drop whatever imaginary world I was currently traveling through to run back to him, in my chair next to his. There I'd gawk at the graphics of the monsters, I'd wait in an

Workbench Pong - Amiga Game Review

WBPong Amiga Workbench Game 2017 RJD/R16815 *My video review for WBPong *Download WBPong *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Video from RJD showing the development (Appears to have been taken down) Though it never sold any copies, it is likely the most popular game of all time is Window's own solitaire. From kids to adults, at work, school, or at home, it's a game countless people who were lost in the day turned to for a little pastime. A simple yet addictive game of cards that runs in a window on your desktop. Countless desktop games were made for Windows, though you'll be harder pressed to find a variety on the Amiga. On occasion, perhaps through a Fred Fish disk, you would indeed come across the odd "Workbench game". I've got a Tetris and Mindsweeper clone, a Yaztzee game, even a solitaire game. All run right on top of Workbench 1.3, and cooperate with the Amiga's multitasking. WBPong is actually a ne

Out Of This World - Amiga In-Depth Review With Pics

Out Of This World 1992 (Original Another World 1991) Delphine Software/Interplay $59.95 *My video review for Out of this World *Request from Stygian Phoenix *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *This review shown in NTSC 4:3 as "Out of this World" was seen *"Another World" designed in PAL with widescreen aspect It's fascinating to me when I come across games that get different titles on different systems, or in different locations. What goes into the thinking of changing a title? Does it just need a better name? Are there copyright issues? How much or how little thought goes into the new name? Boxes and manuals need complete redesigns, as well as a new title added to the game itself. Out of this World was originally created by French born Eric Chahi on his Amiga 500, and given the title Another World. He spent two years of his life working alone in the design, with Jean-Francois Freitas handling the music an