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The Secret Of Monkey Island - In-depth Amiga Review With Pics

The Secret Of Monkey Island Amiga, 1991 (Original DOS 1990) LucasFilm, $59.95 *My video review for Monkey Island *Set the mood; full soundtrack recorded from my Amiga 500 *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *This game best played in NTSC mode with a 4:3 aspect ratio Originally adventure games were an all text affair. The use of your own imagination in combination with the written word was required to bring this genre to life. To this very day there are some who think that was the pinnacle of adventure games. Sierra came to challenge the likes of Infocom, showing many could enjoy graphics with their adventures, sometimes even making fun of those games for being all text. But just as Sierra had risen because of an untapped market, LucasFilm could soon be found pointing their fingers straight at Sierra. The two companies actually produced similar themed games. Both having a 3rd person zoomed out perspective,  and both creating prima

Winter Games - Amiga - In-depth review with pics

  Winter Games Amiga, 1987 (Original C64 1985) Epyx Inc *My video review for Winter Games *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Game designed and best played in NTSC mode with 4:3 aspect ratio *Fast memory must be disabled to play game In a dark corner of my parent's basement lied the Amiga. Shrouded in shadow due to a fish tank, file cabinets, and the computer's desk creating a wall of gaming. There were a few windows to the outside world, but they had been covered up with cardboard. Sunlight is not going to spoil this party. Towering above our Commodore monitor the desk housed stacks upon stacks of computer magazines. It was in these very magazines that I first laid eyes on Winter Games from Epyx. Several pages had been dedicated to the game, showing large screenshots. What amazing scenery, my young self thought. ^Options and opening ceremony The magazine was as close as I got to the game back in the day, as we never got i