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SimAnt - In-depth Written Review For The Amiga With Pics

SimAnt Amiga, 1992*(N1) Maxis $59.95 *My video review for SimAnt *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Game designed and best seen in NTSC mode with 4:3 aspect ratio *(N1) Despite 1991 copyright, all research points to 1992 release All of my retained knowledge on ants I owe exclusively to SimAnt. Not even school was as good a teacher on the subject as this 1992 Maxis title. It was the third in the "Sim" line of games. After SimCity and SimEarth, most were thinking universe for the next incarnation, instead it would come on the macro level. Originally designed on the Macintosh, ports to DOS, Windows 3, and the Amiga soon followed. 1993 would even see a console port on the Super Nintendo, albeit in a different form. ^Starting our brood Despite being a part of a franchise, where you have a high risk of being formulaic, SimAnt would become something truly unique. Plopped at the far side of a suburban backyard, you start the g