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1976 GE 15xB Black and White TV - Personal History With Pics

General Electric (GE) B&W TV Model XB3160BK Chassis 15xB 15 inch,1976 *My GE 15xB video *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings My dad would sometimes work some odd hours, leaving him asleep during some prime Nintendo time for his son. This never stopped me from going into my parents room, where the NES was hooked up to a small color television, but I always made sure it was clandestine operation. Open the door slowly, crawl to the TV and turn it on, quickly slap the volume down and try your best not to let your frustration over the difficulty of those games manifest itself with you making noise. While making my way to the television I would sometimes snoop around, as the journey on hands and knees at that age felt like nothing short of a marathon. On the floor, covered in a blanket, next to the television I came in for, was another set. It felt like years that I would ask about this TV, wanting it for my own room, but there seemed to

Roach Motel - The Story Of My Last Game - Amiga Written Review With Pics

Roach Motel Amiga, 1993 Public Domain *My video review for RoachMotel *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Appropriately written on my Amiga using Excellence *Game best played in PAL mode, is NTSC compatible             If you don't mind, I'd like to take you back in time. It's 1999 and my Amiga is but a second computer taking up valuable real estate in my very own room. Second computer for my room, but there was a third for the household, and more powerful than all the rest. It was now sitting in the very spot this Amiga once sat, in the basement, a thrown for the households main computer. My, how the mighty had fallen... Not long before this, when there was a single PC in the basement, and the Amiga was the only computer in my room, it was still managing extensive usage on my behalf, quite a bit after its prime.             Ever so slowly, my Amiga started to die. It really wasn't even being replaced so much, a