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Installing An Amiga 500 GVP Hard Drive

My video guide for installing an Amiga hard drive My video guide on installing Amiga games to a hard drive My written article concerning the death of my Amiga hard drive My video concerning the death of my Amiga hard drive Music for the Basic Demo *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings I've often heard that the reason people don't cover a certain game released on the Amiga is because it is simpler for them to use DOS. I scratch my head and can't help but think that none of them have actually used DOS. There are a great many games that if not outright better on the Amiga, are more often than not deserving of coverage from all manner of people who show off these games online. Nothing is simpler in DOS. I imagine this false idea is put in their head based on buying or stealing games which often come from GOG, which pretty much only offers DOS games. These games often times come with all the correct settings in order for the game to

Wing Commander - In-Depth Amiga Review With Pics

Wing Commander Commodore Amiga 1992 (Original DOS 1990) $39.95, Origin/Mindscape *My video review of Wing Commander on the Amiga *Full Amiga Soundtrack  recorded from my A500 *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Game best played in NTSC mode in a 4:3 aspect ratio *Some screenshots slightly altered to show more text No game ever touched me quite like Wing Commander. People often exaggerate how often they've played a game they love. A game they probably played around 30 times from start to finish can easily become a thousand. I'm sure I've played this game well over a hundred times. It's not your typical side scroller that can be over in an hour either. This was dubbed a space simulation. While I could never call this a realistic simulation of space; I am sure it inspired a few to become interested in space. ^The fanfare introduction credits From the moment my father popped the Wing Commander disks into our Amig