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Excellence! - Amiga Word Processor Review

Excellence! Micro-Systems Software 1987-1993 $299,$199.95,$99.95 *My video review for Excellence! *I've also reviewed WordPerfect on the Amiga *Download review in Excellence and ASCII format *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *This review entirely written using Excellence! v3.1 on my Amiga 500 And The Word Was Made Perfect       Previously I reviewed WordPerfect for the Amiga. Through a lens of history, it marks a worthy footnote in terms of that machine. It was the only cross platform word processor ever developed for the system. When reading a review of the program in the American magazine Amiga World, it was praised to no end. Biblical artwork adorned their pages with the quite bombastic heading of "And the Word was Made Perfect". I contrasted their thoughts with my own review. They never mentioned or critiqued how the program was largely a straight port. It worked in a shell type of interface on top of Work

TSGui - Copy ADFs On Workbench 1.3 with GUI

TSGui - Amiga Application Review Copy ADFs On Workbench 1.3 (and others) with GUI 2006 Thomas Rapp *My video review for TSGui *Download TSGui *Brought to my attention by Ms. MadLemon *My guide for transferring files from PC to Amiga *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings I've previously had two main methods for copying Amiga floppy disk images (ADFs) to an actual floppy, and I've been fairly content with those. I originally used a free method through the use of ADF Sender terminal on a Windows PC, with transdisk on the Amiga via the shell. This method works flawlessly, but involves working with both the PC and the Amiga at the same time while typing in commands. I tried another method through the paid program of Amiga Explorer, which allows you to drag and drop an ADF through Windows to your Amiga floppy drives with little involvement from you on the Amiga end. This method again works fine, yet despite less steps it left me incr

TV Sports Football - In-depth Amiga Review With Pics

TV Sports:Football Cinemaware, 1988 $49.95 *My video review for TV Sports Football *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Game best played in NTSC mode with 4:3 aspect ratio When we think of football games our first thoughts are understandably engaged with John Madden. But long before the Madden series became anything of note, there was a far better game. It encompassed features Madden wouldn't see until the mid 90's. In 1988 the cinematic masterminds at Cinemaware decided to enter into the sports market; and what they came up with would eerily stand as what became quite familiar to the top selling Madden games.  TV Sports Football was long ahead of its time. Developed on the Commodore Amiga, where football is king (America). The name itself should really clue fans of the Amiga into the truth that this machine was more than they tend to give it credit for in America. In most of the world football is the name of a much different spo