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World Circuit - F1GP - Amiga Review

World Circuit -1992 - Amiga (A.K.A. Microprose Formula One Grand Prix by Geoff Crammond) *Article originally published April 2nd, 2016 *My Video Review For World Circuit *Next article *Alphabetical list of writings Originally released in late 1991 in Europe with that incredibly long name above, the game was given a small makeover before being released in America in 1992 as World Circuit. This was an Amiga original game designed by Geoff Crammond. In Europe Crammond is looked at as a legendary game developer, much like Sid Meijer in the United States. A popular magazine in Europe even started calling him Sir Geoffrey Crammond, and the name stuck. Prior to World Circuit, Geoff received notoriety in Brittan with a BBC Micro title called Revs. It was a simple yet very impressive driving game on that system. It was later ported to the C64, a faithful port but not exactly impressive when compared to other racing games on the system. A 1989 game would bring him success a