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Heroes of Might and Magic - In-depth Written DOS Review With Pics

  Heroes of Might and Magic A Strategic Quest MS-DOS, 1995 New World Computing $69.95 *My video review for Heroes of Might and Magic *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Game played/shown on DOS/CRT hardware, original 4:3 aspect ratio Sometimes it takes but a name change. At times I've wondered why certain European games received rehashed titles in America. Geoff Crammond's Formula One Grand Prix became World Circuit here, Another World adjusted to Out of this World . In the case of World Circuit, this meant adjustments to all 168 pages of the manual, though often the biggest changes were just in the games title screen. Successful in both territories, how is one to judge if these minor alterations held any impact?  On the other hand, it's easier to discern when something fails. 1990 saw the release of a unique strategy and role playing hybrid from New World Computing called King's Bounty . Reviewers of the era appeared befuddled by th