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Flight Simulator II - In-depth Amiga Written Review With Pics

Flight Simulator II Amiga, 1986 (Original Apple II 1983) Sublogic $49.95 *My video review for Flight Simulator II *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Check out the Kilr Gamer *Game shown on its designed NTSC hardware, pics of 4:3 CRT screen In an office in the city of Santa Clara California, 1984, a team of designers worked feverishly on a custom chipped computer built around the Motorola 68000 processor. Many may know the story of how Jay Miner, Dave Needle, R.J. Mical, Dave Morse, and perhaps even Mitchy the Dog came together to create one of the most legendary single computer models of all time, the Amiga. Often neglected in this story telling is another legendary designer, Bruce Artwick. According to Computer Gaming World, Artwick had been plucked away from SubLogic's Illinois offices and was working just as frantically on the Amiga as any other on that team, though with a slightly different goal in mind. Entering into a cont