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Death Knights of Krynn - In-depth Written Amiga Review With Pics

  Death Knights of Krynn  Amiga, 1991 SSI $49.95 *My video review for Death Knights of Krynn *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Game played/shown in its designed NTSC mode with 4:3 aspect ratio Thump thump went the speakers as I made my way down the twisting roads of Crooked street. A dread wolf is the cause of nightmares, and we have a date with the Dream Merchant. Hot on the trail of a supposed enemy agent, we duck in and out of bars while voices warn of our impending death. As a stench of decay assaults the senses, we tumble down a ladder into the rotting remains of a ship. Its former officer's spirits linger in the form of wraiths, zombies are the only deck hands now. Accompanying a local priest to the town's cemetery, we haul all souls slain in carts so they may receive their final blessing. Above an outpost we walk city walls through the night sky, the thump thumping our only companion as we await the next patrol. The sound of walking is nothing new to

A-Train - In-depth Written Amiga Review With Pics

    A-Train Amiga, 1992 (Original PC-98 1990) Maxis/Artdink/Dreamers Guild $69.95 *My video review for A-Train *Next article *Previous article *Alphabetical list of writings *Game played/shown in its designed NTSC mode with 4:3 aspect ratio On occasion the act of procuring the latest video game called for a bit of espionage. On weekends my father and I would often find ourselves in or around the local mall to watch movies at one of three nearby theaters. We'd arrive early enough to get in a couple games of pinball before the show, and when the movie was over we'd drop in at the precursor to Game Stop; Babbage's. This was the height of the 16-bit era, the Genesis and Super Nintendo kiosks luring eager gamers into the store.  While most of the small store's shelving space was dedicated to the various consoles, the great thing about Babbage's was that it also carried computer games, including the Amiga. While its selection was piddling compared to the independent d